Elite Dangerous Utilities

A bunch of utilities to help find various Elite Dangerous in-game resources and things of interest/fun.

What's near me?

This will reveal the details of systems containing Pristine Metallic Rings (PMR), Black holes, Neutron stars, Rare items and other interesting features closest to your target system, if you would rather only use those that you have discovered yourself then do not use this tool precious!

Data Integrity: Elite is a very dynamic environment so we cannot guarantee that all the information here is perfect but we try our best. EDDB links now link to Inara (mostly)

Problems: We have had problems with the website lately, with Azure databases. I am working on it. FYI not my fault, the rug was pulled from under my feet!

What are you looking for?

There are many others listed below.

Carefully type in the target system name: (As an example type in 'Ix')
(Optionally specify the maximum distance away from the target system you would like to search Ly )

And here are other star system resources that can be searched -

CIF/MEF Base Runs Potatoe Planets High Value Systems Stellar Phenomena Tourist Beacons

Thargoid & Guardian Tables:
Thargoid Structures Thargoid Barnacles Guardian Structures Guardian Ruins Guardian Beacons

Canonn Geological Tables:
Crystalline Shards Brain Trees Geysers Lava Spouts Bark Mounds Fungal Gourds Tube Worms Amphora Plants

Station Facilities:
Interstellar Factors Technology Brokers Material Traders Carrier Services

And Work In Progress:
Icy Rings DSSA Thargoid Spires Thargoid Titans New Sirius Brokers New Colonia Highway New

Handy Images

Keep these images handy, they are useful when playing the game, click on a link and they will open in a new tab:
Filtered Spectral Analysis Diagram
How Much Is It Worth
Goldilocks Zone Chart
Visual Planetary Bearings Guide (or find it in the ED Bearing Finder page where there is an expandable section entitled 'Adjusting Your Bearing Explanation' with an explanation on how to use it.)
FSD Sling Shotting
Large Station Docking Bay Guide
SRV WaveScanner
SRV "Flyving" Basics
Uncle Jack Shaftoe's Guide to Crime & Punishment

Distance Matrix

Use this to find distances between systems: Distance Matrix.
A similar idea for rare commodities proposed by Limoncello Lizard: Rare Commodities in Boom.

Bearing Finder

Some tables details items found on a planet at a specific location using a bearing. Use this tool to navigate to the bearing on a planet when within the planets orbital zone: ED Bearing Finder

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